The Selini Approach

If you are looking for a truly beautiful and special gift for someone there is nothing better than a piece of bespoke jewelry. A piece of jewelry that has been made specifically for the wearer is like no other gift.

The piece of jewelry looks stunning and the fact that it has been custom-made says that the person receiving the gift is extremely special to the giver. One of the best places to buy such a beautiful piece of jewelry is Selini.

This London-based jeweler is where you will find truly bespoke pieces of jewelry. This jewelry firm views each customer as an individual and allows them to choose the stones and metals used for each piece they buy. In addition, the customer chooses the cut of those stones as well as how they are set. Should a customer want a non-traditional piece Selini will also work with them to produce exactly what the customer wants.

Where to Find Out More

On their website at, customers can view examples of their previous work. In addition, they can view examples of traditional rings pendants and earrings. This helps customers to understand what each cut and setting will look like, so they can see what the finished piece will look like.

Amelie Fleming

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