Diamonds can be Everybody’s Friend

Diamonds can be Everybody’s Friend

Marilyn Monroe once famously sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. However, most men who are considering proposing marriage will surely know that not just any diamond will do. Indeed, it is fair to say that most women will have a clear idea of what their favorite diamonds shape is and quite possibly what their favorite ring setting and metal type are, too. Therefore, any proposing gent will have to carefully consider these aspects when buying an engagement ring for their special lady.

Of course, the easiest way for a loved-up gent to address such issues is to go shopping for engagement rings with his special lady. That way, he can be sure that the ring will be right in every single way. However, whilst this makes a lot of sense, a lot of men still prefer the more romantic and memorable option of surprising their special lady with a sparkler when she least expects it.

Naturally, any gent that decides to go solo must do all he can to make sure the ring he chooses will be to his lady’s tastes. Indeed, he will need to find out whether she likes rings that are classic and understated or instead prefer those that are bold and colorful.

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