Important Ways To Develop A Unique Selling Proposition

Important Ways To Develop A Unique Selling Proposition

Beauty salons are everywhere and if you’re an owner of one or looking to start one, you may find yourself wondering what could be the best marketing plan that could help attract more clients and continue to engage your current ones. Just like any other business, you need a unique sales position to set your business apart from your competitors.

If there are a lot of options but they all seem to offer the same thing, you would want to think of something that would show your customers that you are offering more value for their time and money. Here’s a list that might help in formulating that unique sales position to better market your beauty salon and attract more customers.

Start with your current clients.

  • Word of mouth is a tried and tested marketing tool. Make sure to provide quality service and you can be sure that happy customers would refer you to friends and family. So how do you keep your current clients happy so that they will book you again and refer you to others?
  • Be personal and develop a relationship with them. Customers love it when they feel valued instead of being treated as just another sales opportunity. Ask them what they loved about the service, what could’ve been better, or what could’ve made the experience even better for them. This would also help with the improvement of your services.
  • Offer discounts or promos, especially during special days such as holidays, Mother’s day, Valentine’s, etc.
  • Be the model of your salon. Being the owner, people would expect that you yourself and your hairstylists and hairdressers would sport a stylish and trendy hairstyle. They would have a hard time trusting you if they see your hair as unkempt and shabby.
  • Go ahead and set up that selfie station. Since we are in the age of selfies, why not create one that would show off the new look of your clients. Top it off with a hashtag that they can use when they post on their social media accounts.
  • Show off your work. Aside from magazines, have a cookbook where all the styles and creations of your hairstylists are shown. This would also increase the level of trust from your clients.

Get the most out of Social Media

Almost everyone has a social media account so make sure you create one for your beauty salon. Here is where you can get creative and capitalize on the advertisement.

  • Facebook – Here is where you can post exclusive deals, promos, and even the latest trends in hairstyles that your hairdressers can create and replicate. You can also post engaging contents that would allow followers, current, and potential customers to comment and respond. Make sure that your page also provides all the information that is relevant such as your location, contact information, and even the location for your events, and such. You can also do contests and giveaways that people would want to join such as “Like and share this post and a random winner will be chosen for a free haircut”. This would increase your visibility and would help reach more people.
  • Instagram – This is where you can take advantage of posting photos of your creation. Make sure they are professional looking and that they really showcase your work. Hashtags also work great on this platform. If you have that selfie station, go ahead and post those pictures away with the hashtag here.

These are just a few marketing plans that may work for you. Hopefully, these tips have helped you in creating that unique sales strategy for your business. Always be inventive, bank on research, and be creative if you really want to stand out and be set apart from the others.

Ronald Colon

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