Application form for Direct Debit System

Application form for Direct Debit System

When it comes to organizations and especially small organizations, individuals, educational institutions, charities, trusts, and others, recurring payments take much of their time and energy. On account of the availability of timely help and assistance available from various outsourcing methods, nowadays payments towards various utility bills namely; telephone bills, electricity bills, rent, and other charges can be comfortably paid on due dates using the services of Direct Debit.

How to utilize the services of Direct Debit API?

Organizations, individuals, and others who are in a position to regularly make payments to various utility services should submit an authorization form to their bankers authorizing direct debit service providers to debit their accounts.

The bankers on accepting the authorization form from the clients permit the direct debit to debit the accounts of the clients. The amount deducted from the account is transferred to the account of the direct debit service providers and is utilized towards payment of various utility services.

What is meant by the application form meant for API?

On account of technological innovation, instead of physical submission of the application form, the same can be submitted online.

The necessary guidelines are available in the user guides as available in the website of the service providers. In fact the guide enables the service users for the purpose of integrating the Direct Debit API sign-up procedure functionally into some third-party applications. The sign up procedure has been designed in such way that it supports the creation and execution of a custom direct debit sign-up wizard apart from its management and maintenance.

The procedure is termed as representational state transfer interface. The user has to make use of the internet facility available in his computer or  mobile and utilize http, get, post, put and delete functions in conjunction with the URL of the resource which has to be acted upon. In fact all responses are in the form of xml documents.

What are the features of API?

The following are the various features available from Direct Debit API namely; fixed, variable and ad hoc direct debit guidelines. For each type of direct debit instruction, the service users are in a position to verify the correctness of the details entered in the machine through validation provisions.

The clients who are willing to avail the services should request a copy of the guides available through email by providing their contact details apart from other details about their project requirements.

The following are the details required to be incorporated namely; contact particulars, the project description, fixed IP address and periodicity of payment (weekly, quarterly, monthly etc); nature of payment denoted by fixed amount fixed frequency and variable amount fixed frequency etc.

Any computer user is in a position to upload the details within minutes. Once the details are received in complete without any errors and the details are validated, the authorization is enabled and once the authorization is confirmed by the bankers, the transfer of funds is made at periodical intervals.

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