Let Art And Crafts Work On Your Stress Levels

Let Art And Crafts Work On Your Stress Levels

We all lead stressful lives and it’s really important to have a de-compress button we can activate when the going gets tough. Relaxation at the end of the day is something we should all aim for, and whether that’s through reading, exercise or hobbies, it is well worth finding the time to devote to managing your stress levels.

Forgetting about the problems we face in our everyday lives, whether it’s work worries, family stresses or financial troubles, can be a tough ask. But vegging out in front of electronic screens such as TVs or computers in the evening isn’t going to help you let go of stress. Far better to engage with a creative hobby that puts you into a more relaxed mood that aids clearer thinking and enhanced calm. Many crafts incorporate repetitive movements or actions which place you into an almost trance like state which can be positive for stress levels.

In recent years the popularity of art and craft hobbies has really surged. One reason for this is that people find the fringe benefits of hobbies, such as reduced stress levels, extremely helpful. It’s not just older people and children whose lives are enriched by craft hobbies, they have a valuable place in the general population. Those seeking a natural source of relaxation should dig out their sewing kits, grab a paintbrush or card making supplies and start enjoying the enhanced mood that creativity with your hands can trigger.

Whether it’s embroidery, painting or mosaic, crafting requires your concentration as you focus on a particular pattern or design. This laser focus encourages a zen-like calm, freeing you to forget worries and stresses. The trend for adult colouring books where grown-ups break out the coloured felt tip pens and spend a quiet hour filling in intricate designs is all about living in the moment and letting go of stress. Adult colouring books are popular because they work on creating a calm mood where the focus is taken away from the self, and onto the page. At the end of a colouring session you have the satisfaction of having created a beautiful picture and you feel supremely relaxed. What’s not to like?

The careful and deliberate activity of card making is another craft hobby that soothes and relaxes the uptight. If you are seeking a hobby with the dual benefits of being useful and relaxing, then order some card making supplies online and get to work on creating your own designs. Never again be faced with the problem of not having the perfect card for any occasion, when you design the cards yourself, you can adapt them as you please.

When you become absorbed in an artistic activity you gain a sense of satisfaction and reward when the  project is completed. Whether closely following instructions and a method, or making it up as you go along, there’s no substitute for creative success and it has a powerful positive effect on self esteem and confidence.

Art therapy has long been used to help release pent up negative feelings and frustrations. The process of getting stuck in to creative work stimulates a release valve for bad energy and allows you to let it go, returning you to a calmer, soothed state in time.

There are some positive health benefits to art and craft hobbies that everybody should be aware of. The slow and deliberate nature of many crafts and the relaxation of mood that occurs is very good for lowering blood pressure. A calm mood also slows heart rate which is good, and helps improve the quality of sleep. So if you are troubled by any of these common health issues, isn’t it time you took up a hobby?

Crafting often uses up recyclable materials in your home such as old magazines, etc. This is free of charge and empties your home of clutter which has positive effects on your stress levels. Perfect!

Crafting doesn’t have to be a solitary activity. Getting together with friends for a craft party is a fantastic way of socialising with like minded people. Research has proven that regular social contact is good for happiness, loneliness and stress levels – which in turn is good for your health. Sounds like throwing a craft party is something we should all do…

So whatever your creative medium, whether it’s oil paints, yarn, card and paper craft, beadwork, pottery or some other worthwhile hobby, when you are feeling stressed or tense, remember to reach for your art and craft materials. That way lies comfort, solace, calm, reward and artistic satisfaction. Sounds just the tonic that’s needed…

Amelie Fleming

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