How to Decrease our Electricity Bills by using Simple Lightnings

The electricity bills are no doubt a headache for the house owners. This is due to the fact that a major portion of the income of the house owner is spent on paying the electric bills. There are many tips or points that can be followed to cut down the electric bills and some of them are mentioned below

Using CFL Lightening Bulbs

The CFL lighting bulbs are really handy and useful for cutting down electricity bills. The reason behind it is that these CFL bulbs consume very less electric power and give more light to the room or house where they are installed. These CFL bulbs are regarded as four time more energy efficient as compared with conventional bulbs present in the market.

Environment Friendly

The other advantage of these Simple Lighting bulbs or CFL is that they are eco-friendly also apart from being energy efficient. The reason is that these CFL bulbs consume very less energy and thus helps preserving the conventional electricity. This conventional electricity is produced by using the non- renewable energy sources, which leads to environmental pollution. Therefore these CFL bulbs help in preserving the non-renewable sources of energy and preserving our eco-system.

Cheap then Conventional Bulbs

The CFL bulbs no doubt are somewhat expensive than the traditional bulbs, but in the long run they prove out to be cheaper. If we look at the electric energy consumed by the CFL bulbs in a specific period of time with that of traditional bulbs, we will see the difference. The CFL bulbs consume very less electric power than the traditional bulbs in the given period of time thus they are cheaper in the long run.

Long Lasting

The other plus point or the advantage of these simple lightening or CFL bulbs is that they have got longer life period as compared with conventional bulbs. Thus they are more durable and long lasting, thus one has long term benefits from the use of these CLF or simple lightening bulbs.

More Flexible

The CFL bulbs are more flexible in their use or are versatile. They can be used at home, in track lights, lamps and in the ceiling lights. Therefore they are quite flexible modes of lighting bulbs available for the users.

Switching off the CFL Bulbs when there is no use

Apart from using CFL bulbs for cutting down the electric bill, one should switch off these bulbs when there is no need for lightening. This is the basic and the most vital feature for saving the electric bill.

Using the Appropriate CFL Bulb

These CFL bulbs are available in various power or electric-consuming ranges for needy customers. The users should purchase CFL bulbs according to the amount of light needed or according to the appropriate energy consumed by these bulbs.

Make full use of Sun Light

Making full use of the sunlight, by removing curtains and opening the windows to let the sunlight come into the room is the most appropriate need or requirement. By making use of the sunlight we need not switch on artificial light or electric bulbs.

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  1. This is the main requirement of every household n everyone should believe that save energy and save the environment. The best way is to use CFL lightening.

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