Exploring Domestic Cleaners In Liverpool

Exploring Domestic Cleaners In Liverpool

If you have decided it is time to bring in a cleaner to help with the housework at home and you are exploring different cleaners in Liverpool there are some tips here for you on what to think about and ask when you are in the interviewing stage. This advice can also be good wherever you live. Hiring someone to lift some of the work off your shoulders makes a lot of sense in today’s times when people are working and want to also be able to have active social lives, rather than spending their spare time cleaning.

There are several ways to look for a good cleaner. Check out local business phone books, and local paper advertisements, and do searches online – for example typing in cleaners in Liverpool in the search engine space will get you pages of results to check out. You can also ask friends if they or their friends have any recommendations.

Here are some points to consider for hiring domestic cleaners in Liverpool

Q1 Do you want to hire through a firm of cleaners or find individual ones? There are advantages to either option, using a company means they handle the administrative side of things including the pay. Hiring an individual means you can build a closer relationship and have more awareness of everything.

Q2 Do they need to bring their own cleaning items or are you providing them for them, in which case ask them what they need. Some cleaners have little tricks for cleaning and have their own preferences for the types of equipment and cleaning solutions they use. If they are bringing their own how much extra does that cost?

Q3 If the applicant is self-employed do they have the right paperwork?

Q4 Ask about previous places they have cleaned and the type of jobs they are used to completing. This can give you an idea of what their process is and how they get on with other employers.

Q5 Another guide in your hiring should be how much it costs of course. Ask what their hourly rate is.

Q6 Are there any chores they will not take care of? If you want them to do things like ironing can they?


Hiring cleaners in Liverpool is a great step towards freeing up some time for yourself, work, or the family. But there are some things that will have to be thought about and monitored along the way. You should consider drawing up specific jobs you want to be done, and split them into things you want to do weekly, 2 weekly, monthly, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. For example, cleaning the bathroom is a weekly job, and cleaning the skirting boards might be monthly or 3 monthly thing.

Sometimes it helps to walk through the house and consider if you had to properly clean it right then what needs to be done. Write it all down and then with your cleaner work out when things can be done. Of course, some of that depends on what if any jobs you will do yourself, and how often you are bringing in the help!

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