The Importance Of Maintaining Truly Effective Water Drainage Systems

The Importance Of Maintaining Truly Effective Water Drainage Systems

Heavy rain can cause a lot of damage to homes that do not have effective water drainage measures in place. Certainly, homeowners that would prefer not to pay out large sums of money on structural repairs would do well to learn more about the importance of maintaining their guttering and gullies as these simple yet vital installations ensure water drains harmlessly off the roof and so that it can be directed safely away from the property.


All homeowners should check their guttering on a regular basis (of course, these checks should be carried out more often during prolonged bouts of wet weather). If these checks reveal that water is leaking over the edge of the guttering or at a point where two pieces of the guttering section meet then there will most likely be a blockage of some kind causing problems. Needless to say, all blockages need to be located and removed immediately.


After it has been collected in guttering, collected rainwater is channeled through vertical drainage pipes (downpipes) into ground-level drains known as gullies. Most modern gullies are designed with integrated u-bends as this help to keep unpleasant odors suitably contained. Like guttering, it is quite easy for gullies to get blocked up with bits of debris, such as leaves and litter, especially during the autumn and winter months when the weather is more inclement. Therefore, all homeowners should make a point of inspecting and cleaning their gullies on a regular basis.

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